Whether you are an experienced flyfisherman or just beginning, we would love to help you elevate your fishing game! We believe that the 3 best places to grow your knowledge is dialing in on casting and types of casts, learning new fishing techniques, and learning how to row a boat. Read below on how we can help.


Whether you’re headed to a freshwater or saltwater destination, your success starts and ends with your ability to place the fly exactly where you want at the distance needed. We can help you take your fishing acumen to the next level with a few hours of instruction. There’s always more to know about casting.

2 hours casting instruction = $100 per person

Casting instruction package (9ft5wt rod/reel, 6 hours casting instruction = $800)


Knowing how to row a boat will help you access places on the river that wade fisherman can’t get to. It will also help you keep your boat right-side up on the river. This is also a must-have skill if you have any aspirations of becoming a guide. We would love to help you raise your fishing IQ by teaching you how to row a boat. On average, it takes 20 hours of rowing to understand how to navigate the river safely in a driftboat or a raft.

We offer rowing instruction in 4 hour lessons.

4 hours rowing instruction = $350


Euro nymphing, Tight-lining, and Czech nymphing are all pretty much the same thing. They allow for the maximum number of presentations and can really increase the number of fish you catch while adjusting the depth of your flies easily and quickly. They also allow you to pick apart river holding areas more methodically and accurately when done correctly.

We offer euro nymphing instruction in 4 hour lessons.

4 hours euro nymphing instruction/guiding = $300 for 1 — $350 for 2