About Us

At Spotted Dog Outfitters, whether its catching your first fish, learning to cast a flyrod, or harvesting your first upland game bird, we can help. Our staff has over 35 years experience and we would love to earn your trust and help achieve your goals.

So why a spotted dog logo and brand? I had dogs growing up and throughout college, but it wasn’t until I was into my guiding career a few years that I brought home my first English Setter. Hank was a special dog. His personality was humble and his spirit was like no other dog I had owned before. He made my life and experiences more enjoyable.

That’s our desire as guides. We want to bring our experience and expertise to your outdoor pursuits with humility and energy. If you join us on a trip, we hope that we help you achieve your goal with us, but more importantly, we want you to have fun and enjoy your time in the outdoors.

Chachi and Grace Avirett